Our mission is to engage
needy people for a better life


DAPTA started it's approach from education, health and gradually involved in other activities like women empowerment, food security and sustainable Development of Deprived Community.

The Stake holders and the so called development partners are from Adivasis (Tribals), Dalits and marginalize vulnerable sections. The women and children are direct / focused stake holders of  this organization. As a whole the organization targeted with definite territory for the vulnerable people of this pocket which fits the mission and vision of the organisation.


DAPTA’s Mission is to work with marginalized poor to alleviate poverty by over coming injustice and inequity that causes it and to lead a meaningful life with sustainable protected environment and bio-diversity.


DAPTA’s vision is that marginalized poor in India can live with out poverty and access to equal opportunities.


The informal initiation started with voluntary spirit from 1989 to provide relief & welfare support and services during natural calamities in Ganjam and Rayagada District. The starvation death and sale of human kids of Kalahandi district alarmed the world. Tribal exploitation & rampant corruption was the main cause of starvation . Right of tribal and women was highly affected. Witnessing the drastic condition of excluded community, DAPTA formalized it’s entity as a non profit making secular organisation to combat the situation. As an organisation started with welfare & right based approach for development of excluded community and now working for programme sustainability. To influence the civil society and policy makers it has extended it’s collaboration for networking advocacy and right based campaign on conservation of Land, Water, and Forest. It includes the restoration of survival rights of vulnerable section in different way. The supporting/collaborating partners, CBOs and Govt. has recognized it’s steppingstone in the field of development. 









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